Horizontal Scaling on Tiktok

Parallel is a Social Media Distribution Engine that helps brands maximize their organic reach on tiktok via a method known as Horizontal Scaling. By posting across hundreds of managed accounts in various locations, brands can maximize exposure and gather real-time feedback to optimize content strategy.

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The world's most innovative companies use Parallel


More is More

Post 1000x more content

Yes, really. We create and manage hundreds of accounts in diverse geographies for you, so you can post more content, more often, and reach more people.

Unparallelled Content Distribution

No more relying on expensive influencers for a single post. Spread content across hundreds of accounts and maximize your marketing budget.

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Iterate and Learn

Create hundreds of variants of your content and test what works. Posting once or twice per day on one account is not enough.

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Smart Scheduling

Plan and schedule content distribution with precision, ensuring maximum impact and visibility across multiple social media platforms.

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You bring the content, we bring the distribution.

We do not make content. We make content work.

No more relying on expensive influencers for single posts. Spread your content across hundreds of accounts and maximize your marketing budget.

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AI Native Features.
AI generated captions, hashtags, song selection, and more. No more manual work required.
Trend Tracking.
Keep up with what's trending. Capitalize on trends with your content before it's too late.
Powerful Analytics.
Track and analyze your content performance with ease, and iterate accordingly.
A/B Content Testing.
Develop and test content hypothesis with statistical significance.
Secure Access.
You own your accounts, we just help you manage them.
Easy-to-use Interface.
Simplify content distribution with our user-friendly platform.

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Trusted by leading brands and enterprises worldwide

Our platform has helped businesses generate hundreds of millions of impressions on social media

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